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Stone Cleaning Expert, Tile Cleaning Expert – What inspired this controversial revolution of the Natural Stone Cleaning industry, you ask? Our quest seeks to explode the myths, barriers and sometimes downright misperceptions that otherwise prevent people from exploring and enjoying the pure luxury of beautiful looking stone surfaces.

Mike Philbin is the stone care consultant to tile industry suppliers, tile importers, hotel groups and commercial property companies.  Not forgetting the general public as a whole.  He is Technical Director of Nu-Life Stone Care Ltd and the host of Stonecare TV.

With his unconventional and often bold commentary on all things stone, Mike has attracted a fast developing group of followers.  In the name of “unearthing the truth”, Mike has convinced other stone industry specialist to “Come clean” and share thoughts on what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to buying, cleaning or caring for natural stone surfaces. He routinely gives the low down on the good and bad in the industry.

You’ll also find his web cast interrupted with rants about his beloved Manchester City Football Club, definitely not your typical Natural stone cleaning and care expert.

Mike’s roots in the floor restoration started as a teenager working with his dad (Brian Philbin) in his floor restoration business.  Becoming frustrated as a cleaning technician, Mike began learning more about running a business and reading more about into the technicalities of the many 1000s of different types of flooring. Unwittingly, gaining the knowledge that would be the launch pad for his ground breaking ventures today.

“I probably crammed more information in the last 10 years than I would ever have imagined”. “My wife has now become a natural stone cleaning widow” and to further his knowledge, Mike sort information throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.

By familiarizing himself with the numerous types of flooring (in particular natural stone) Mike has been able to develop little known “secrets” for cleaning and restoring natural stone, that other people wouldn’t recognise.

With a wealth of knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, Mike has spent many evenings and weekends, re-branding the family business of floor care specialists by developing and manufacturing a unique range of natural stone  cleaning and treatment products, many containing natural extracts, at the same time, establishing himself as a respected expert who regularly offers free advice to customers from around the UK.

But Mike’s career has taken a new a new turn with the advent of StonecareTV. Mike’s key goals are simple “First, I want people have completely free advice”.  Second, “I want to give them as much information as possible, for them to go out and not only buy the correct stone but how to clean, treat and care for that stone for it to last a lifetime”.

It always troubled Mike to observe the lack of genuine information coming out of the industry, with many business owners unwilling (or unable) to educate their consumers.  StonecareTV has reinvented the concept of choosing and caring for stone surfaces for a new generation.  In addition to encouraging straightforward talking, Mike educates viewers about the effects of some quite alarming and dangerous products that are freely available to the unsuspecting public.

The whole concept of SCTV is for it to blossom into a fully fledge community where viewers can involve themselves in an extremely active forum.

With his colleagues, viewers and a little bit of Mike (Stonecare Superman) – They’re all out to save the tiling world from mass destruction

Stone Cleaning Expert, Stonecare Expert, Stone Care Expert, Tile Cleaning Expert

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