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Want To Earn Big Money In Stone Floor Cleaning & Restoration – But Don’t Know How To Get Started?

Join My “Inner Circle” And Discover How You Can Easily Generate £1000s In Extra Profits

Let me explain…

With the constant changes in business which is more relevant now than ever before, we as business people cannot afford to stand still, the truth is that an alternative source of income is NOT a choice, but a very necessary requirement when it comes to remaining competitive in your market.

To be brutally honest, unless you’re using other income streams in your business, your competition will completely blow you out of the water and steal all your customers

How? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twelve months, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed how many carpet cleaners, tilers, window cleaners and others, moving into Natural Stone Floor Restoration. It’s a trickle at the moment, but believe me… the floodgates are beginning to open!

And if you’re not aware of this movement…Then quite frankly…

…you’re missing the biggest profit generating opportunity to surface in the last decade!!

But here’s the great news for you… your golden key to accessing this opportunity and BIGGER PROFITS is my web based, private members club. When you sign up, you’ll receive your own Username and Password which will open up to you, all the “Stonecare Inner Circle Secrets”.

Specifically, you’ll have access to a valuable package of the stone care worlds, newest training techniques and the most powerful money-making tools ever.

And to prove it, here’s a little insight to some of the golden nuggets you’ll discover in my on-line Inner Circle, bonanza…

  • Personal Access to me and my private email address
  • How to price for Profit
  • Survey templates
  • Discounted Hands-On Training Courses
  • Work Preparation
  • Stone Identification
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning Tips and tricks
  • Marble Polishing and Grinding
  • The closely guarded secret to the really BIG money in Stone Restoration
  • How to apply seals and impregnators correctly and safely
  • Simple but powerful quotation templates to easily quote for any job
  • On-Line Conference Calls
  • Inner Circle member only discounts, for solutions and accessories
  • How to put your business on Auto Pilot
  • Newsletters and Email Marketing created for you
  • 5 Ways to increase your profits with 291 strategies
  • 4 Ways to leverage your business with 80 strategies
  • Testing and Measuring programmes to make sure you’re on the right track
  • Opportunity to enrol in work programmes
  • Web Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Website marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • How to easily capture videos and add them to your website
  • Social networking Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin – How and why to use them
  • iPhone – How to use your iPhone to help run your business
  • Health & Safety Policies
  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Business management tools
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Office procedures

Just let that sink in a minute…The plethora of information hidden away in the Inner Circle vault, has taken me years and £1000s to put together. But I’m now ready to share everything and I’m making it all available to you at an incredibly low price. In fact, a fraction of what it will be down the line. If that’s not enough, I’ll also give you free updates on a monthly basis

So… how does the Inner Circle work?

Well, I’m going to skip all the usual hype and cut straight to the chase, because there really isn’t any time to waste if you want to avoid falling behind completely in your existing business

Your investment…

For you to access from the comfort of your own home, office or iphone, I’m offering you this web based, members only resource, at a Special Low Investment of just £49.00 (plus vat) per month,

But make no mistake about it, when I have ironed out any little snags and quirks in the system the price will double, possibly treble.

But… I assure you, as one of my first “Inner Circle” members

You will only ever pay the £49.00 price

The important thing here is, there’s no contract, you don’t sign up for any amount of time and you can cancel your subscription whenever you wish

As if that’s not enough, and because I’m so confident about this, I’ll also offer you a complete

100% money back guarantee…

“If, after your first months membership you don’t feel you’ve had value for money, just call my office, ask for a full refund and I’ll send you a cheque by return, first class and no questions asked”

I’m sure you’ll agree, this is the lowest priced, totally risk free opportunity; you’ve ever come across in business.

Will someone “steal” the information after one payment? Possibly, but I know there’s more honest people than dishonest people in this world and I look forward to building a business relationship with you, that’s going to benefit us both by creating a long-term, profit driven “partnership”

This is your opportunity to work “hands on” with me and my team to realise your dream, by greatly increasing your profits, doubling even trebling the value of your business.

Far fetched? Not at all, but you have to understand and be aware, you’ll be opening up your business to completing jobs worth £1000, £5000, £10,000 and over £100,000. It’s true! I’ve done it and I’ll show you exactly how easy it is, even if you’re just a one-man business

This is your opportunity, to jettison yourself way beyond your competitors, blasting them out of site, before they even know what’s hit them – can you imagine how great that’s going to feel?

In 12 months time, you could be doing exactly what you doing now – or you could be making more profit than you ever imagined!

The choice is now in your hands…

Click the button below and start making the profits you dreamed about when you first started in business

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