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This is proof of whats happening to the carpet world !

Hi All

I have just seen this very sad news for the carpet world , that Axminster Carpet Manufactures are to appoint the administrators !!

This is crazy ! they are one of the world best and oldest carpet manufacturers, however in my opinion it tells a story, people are just not buying as many carpets.

What does this mean ? well simply put people are buying other surfaces such as stone, wood, amtico and many more.

I have been saying for years that more and more carpet retailers are going out of business and stone suppliers are mushrooming like a freight train out of control.  I assure you tilers are busier than most carpet fitters

This is sad news for the carpet world but its happening people, like it or not stone, wood and other hard floor are here to stay the question is do you clean and restore them ???

Click on the link to read more about Axminster


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